Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Red River Gorge

Got down to Red River Gorge in KY.
Used the Hennesy Hammock as usual


Got a bit cold, so I threw an extra sleeping bag over the top quilt, not too bad into the 30s.

We did some hike and repelling, more pictures on the slide show.


Jeremiah said...

Hey Mac,

Great to see you are still out there!

I love your set up! I would love to try it out one really looks comfortable, but I toss and turn alot in my sleep...maybe due to never being comfortable!

Hike on!

PS said...

Hey Mac,
glad to see you're still around!
Which MacCat is that?
I've put the deluxe on my wish list (and sent the link).
Now it's all about whether I've been a good boy or not.
Hope all is well with you my friend...