Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Scout Campout

Well it was a good campout.
Rain on Saturday turned our campsite into a mud bog. I did not take as many pictures as I wanted to.
But it was still a great time.
I can not get a slide show into a post the way I want to, so here is the flickr link

God Bless

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Getting ready for a Scout campout this weekend.
The mail showed up with a new stove, the mini bull design dot com COOL Fly.
Cool Fly Stove

Well, I had to test this little guy, so loaded up some alcohol, I used heet, I dye the clear fuel green to make it easier to see and to dissuade me from drinking it thinking it is water etc.

Cool Fly Stove

As tinny instructs, I backed the wicks to minimum, I think they creeped back out a bit when I closed the lid. The stove comes with the pot stand shown, designed to be uses with my pot of choice 24oz heine can.

Cool Fly Stove

Anyway, the little guy got 16oz of H2O to HOT in 7 minutes and a rolling boil at about the 10.5 minute mark. At about 12.5, a wick started to glow, so I blew it out. I will play some more with it and probably assign it to ultra lite (pack weight) duty

Also an upgrade for my main stove which is already packed, so I will test this in camp.
I am bringing some extra fuel and alcohol stoves for demonstrating to the Scouts. A 20 oz soda bottle fits nicely into a heine pot. I use the soda bottle for spare fuel, usually four oz is enough for one solo user on a weekend trip, but this is base camping with lots of time to drink coffee, what better way to show off stoves and technique!!

Spare fuel, heine pot, wind screen and lid
I use the bottom of a York Peppermint candy tin or the top of a round Altoids Sours tin for my pot lids.

Packed, ready to go, hammock and tarp are in the green bag. Imitation crocks ($8) camp shoes clipped on. It will rain (I dont know how to camp otherwise), so the golite umbrella is coming along. The hiking poles can be used with tarp as out riggers etc.

I am bringing a tarptent double rainbow in the truck, in case they put us in a treeless area (horrors)

Got to go,

God Bless.